1) Will the attendees have a chance to obtain the course related materials?

    All of the documents including lecture notes and pictures that are taken will be given to the attendees in a course CD.

2) Is there any course fee and what are the rates for the courses with different durations?

    There is a course fee for each course. Course Fees;
      One week:     300 Euro
      Two weeks:    500 Euro
      Three weeks: 700 Euro

3) Are there any other costs besides the course fee?

    There is an administrative cost of 20 Euro / week. Which includes:
      * Opening and closing cocktails, hot drinks, cookies, domestic transport etc.
      * In the case of joining the cultural tour, you will also be requested to pay an extra fee.

4) What kind of social activities are going to be held throughout the course?

    * Opening and closing cocktails.
    * On 2-week courses, There is an Ankara Cultural Tour.
    * On 1-week courses, There is a cultural tour to the Mausoleum of Atatürk and The War Of Indepence Museum

5) If we stay at a civilian hotel, do you help for transportation?

    The transportation from civilian hotel is the attendees' responsibility.

6) I am planning to come with my spouse. Will there be a social program for the spouses?

    We do not have a program for spouses on courses. If you have any other questions please e-mail us.

7) Are the courses certified by NATO?

    All courses are recognized and out of 28 courses 15 are certified by NATO and 1 course (United Nations Military Observer

    Course) is certified by the UN.

8) If my rank is one level higher or lower than the specified rank, will it be possible to attend the course?

    We have flexibility on such occasions as countries have differing military structures and personnel systems.