As a follow-up of "1994 NATO Brussels Summit" Türkiye decided to establish a "PfP Training Center" and declared its decision at the Euro Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) meeting in Sintra/Portugal on 30 May 1997. The Turkish PfP Training Center was inaugurated on 29 June 1998 with an international opening ceremony and has the honor of being the first recognized partnership training center by NATO on 12 February 1999.

We were also the first Partnership Training Center to introduce Mobile Training Programs in 2002. We continue to conduct these mobile training activities with partner nation military institutions in order to share Turkish peace support operations experiences, also to enhance interoperability with our partners and to support bilateral military relations.

Since its establishment PfP Training Center has been actively contributing to Partnership initiatives by conducting courses, mobile training activities and seminars for the members of NATO, PfP, Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI), Partners across the Globe (PatG) and countries that Türkiye has a bilateral relationship.

PfP Training Center has been awarded with "NATO Quality Assurance Unconditional Accreditation Certificate" as of 17 January 2020 which is effective until 17 January 2026.